发布时间:2020-02-14 22:20

Global Kapital Group, “Your Leading, Innovative & Trusted Financial Services Group” is very proud to announce

a global partnership with Premier League Legend Arsenal as their Official Global Forex Partner.

作为一家深受客户信赖的创新型一流金融服务公司,GK集团(Global Kapital Group)十分荣幸地宣布成为英超传奇阿森纳全球官方外汇合作伙伴。

GK Group companies; including industry leader brands such as GKFX, GKFX Prime, GK Pro and GK Invest, specialize in Forex & Securities Brokerage, Digital Consumer Finance, Digital Banking and Payment Services, operational in 18 countries and 28 offices, to serve over 1M customers around the world.

GK集团旗下品牌众多,包括GKFX, GKFX Prime, GK Pro和GK Invest等,是一家专注于外汇证券经纪商业务,数字化消费金融,数字银行以及支付服务的公司,目前在18个国家设有28个办事处,为全球100多万客户提供服务。

Mr. Tunc Akyurt, Group CEO of Global Kapital Group stated; “We are extremely proud to have a strong partnership with one of the Premier League’s best football clubs and look forward to building strong and sustainable relationship with both Arsenal and its millions of supporters all around the world.

GK集团CEOMr. Tunc Akyurt表示:“能和英超联赛最优秀的足球俱乐部之一阿森纳合作,我们感到无比荣幸。同时我们也期待和阿森纳及其全球数百万粉丝建立长久稳固的关系。

Arsenal represents an inspiring leadership and success for us, the same basis in which Global Kapital Group was built upon 9 years ago. We are excited to work together to break new achievements and establish unique experiences for our clients and supporters around the world.

阿森纳对我们来说代表着激励人心的领导力和成功,这与9年前GK集团建立的基础完全一致。 我们很高兴能够有机会共同努力以创造新的成就,给世界各地的客户和支持者带来独特的经历和体验。

Global Kapital Group's partnership agreement with Arsenal will strengthen our global growth strategy and our dedication to lead the future of financial services industry.”


“Innovation is at the heart of everything we do, so it is extremely exciting to partner with a company that shares this value,” commented Arsenal Commercial Director, Peter Silverstone.

阿森纳商务总监Peter Silverstone说道:“创新是我们所做一切的核心,GK集团也是一家注重创新的公司,因此能与GK集团合作我们感到十分激动。

“In the same way that we constantly innovate to remain at the forefront of our industry, Global Kapital Group

have pushed the boundaries in fintech to provide the best service possible to its customers.


As a result, they have experienced significant growth over a short period of time and we are looking forward

now to supporting their continued upward trajectory.”